Simple Faith

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Key Passage: Hebrews 11:1-3


Key Text: Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is assurance of things hoped for, a conviction of things not seen.”



How many times have you sat on a chair without ever checking if the chair can hold your weight? How many times have you boarded an aircraft to go to another destination, without ever worrying if the pilot knows the way to London, Paris or wherever we may be travelling to? Ok, perhaps these are too deep. How about switching on the lights in your bedroom? How many times do you do that without ever considering the process that makes the light bulbs light up, or even think the lights would never come on? Why do we rush to get the clothes off the line, when we see a dark cloud? I am asking these questions, so you can understand the simplicity of faith and why we all should understand and walk in faith. Actually, I remember reading something somewhere, I can’t quite remember who said it, but it is quite profound giving our subject today. It takes a lot of faith for the atheist to believe there is no God.

The passage today, tells us faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. So how does one develop faith? Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Let’s unpack this. Faith comes or is developed or a better word is released by hearing. So if you hear something it produces an understanding that provokes an action. So if you hear what God has to say about something, you then must make a decision to believe or disbelieve and that decision sets you on the path to faith or fear. Once you believe, then you act in accordance with your believe and that is where the power of faith gets released.

On the converse, if you chose not to believe the word of God, you have then chosen to believe something else. Since there can be no vacuum, you either have faith or you are in fear. That in itself also releases what you chose to believe. That is why fear is perverse faith. It is believing in the lies of the enemy rather than trusting in the truth of the word of God.

Now another dimension to faith has to do with the ‘unseen’. That word simply means, not palpable or evident to the natural senses. Sometimes it is even actually just simply opposite to what is physically evident. That’s why faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen. So faith is a connector, a portal, or a hook to bring something from the unseen realm into the seen realm. The bible teaches us that what we see is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. So if a person is diagnosed as ill, they can chose to believe they are ill and will remain ill because the disease is incurable; or they may chose to believe the word of God that says, “by His wounds we were healed”. Now if you study this word or promise, you would realise that healing has already been secured and packaged for us, but we need to get it into our reality. How does this happen?

It’s actually quite simple. Very simple. There is nothing God promises us that He has not already finished. I will repeat that. There is nothing God promises us that He has not already finished!!! So when God says something is ours, and we believe it and refuse to doubt, and then we start to modify our actions to show that we actually know that what God says will come to pass, then we by consequence of these actions release our faith and that faith reaches into God’s eternity and draws into our reality, that God created and accomplished feat. Healing, prosperity, deliverance, salvation etc are all pieces of eternity, but it takes faith to draw them into our realities. Like I said before, a miracle is a piece of eternity invading our reality.

So if you can sit on a chair without checking if the chair can absorb your weight; if you can board an aeroplane to travel for 12 hours to a destination, without asking the pilot if he knows the way; if you can turn on the tap in your house and expect water to flow; if you can switch on the lights in your bedroom without asking where the power comes from to light up the bulb, then you can activate your faith, because it has to do with what God has already accomplished.


Let’s pray: Dear Heavenly Father, I ask you to please bless me with the ability to walk by faith and to live by faith. Help me to believe your words over my current realities and help me to act in such a way that my faith will attract your eternity into my reality. I believe but Lord help my unbelief. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.



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  1. A message quite succinct, helping ones understanding that faith is actually not ethereal, but a substance for practical use, right now.
    “There is nothing that God promises that He has not already finished”,…that means all I am asking for is finished work. That feels like relief!

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