Here I am. Lord, send me!

Morning Dew

Key Passage: Isaiah 6:1-8

Key Text: Isaiah 6:8 – Here I am! Send me.”


God creates for a purpose. Everything in His creation has a value linked to its preordained purpose. There is nothing useless, we just probably have not discovered the purpose of God for it. Into this thought, it has to be said that no one was created useless. God created every human being for a specific purpose. There are special purposes, that God has already created people to fulfil. There are breakthroughs in technology, science, medicine, sports arts, agriculture etc, waiting to be unravelled by the God appointed people.

There is no challenge human beings are facing that God has not endowed another human being to solve. Somehow, God always looks ahead, see the challenges humans will encounter and He would then create people fit for purpose, to meet the needs of that generation. Moses was created by God to deliver Israel from Egypt. Esther was created with such beauty, because God had preordained her to be a queen that would deliver the Jews in her generation. Paul the Apostle was created by God and endowed cerebrally to grapple with the church doctrines and write all those epistles. Einstein was created to solve the issue of relativity, Leonardo da Vinci, Archimedes, Newton, Gates, Jobs, Usain Bolt, Zuckerberg etc are all gifted by God to solve certain human issues.

Sometimes, we don’t even realise why we are on earth. We just drift and hope we would find fulfilment in time. God also allows us to choose what we want to do in this world, with the abilities and talents He has endowed us with. But there are those defining moments, when through providence and God’s immanence, we come face to face with a conundrum, a situation that demands a response, a great need, an unsolved problem. Whatever this thing is, we are so drawn by it and here we weigh the costs and gains of throwing our all into this purpose. We feel to walk away would be a denial of what we truly feel. These points of great personal conflict and inflection are points of what I would like to call “divine discovery”.

Today’s passage reveals one of those moments. In the life of Isaiah, the king Uzziah had just died, perhaps his mentor or uncle, he was now forced to look up and find some answers to the problems of Israel, at this point He saw a vision of heaven and God and came to a realisation his how unclean he was and how so small he was in the context of the Almighty God. God was looking for a messenger and a prophet and manoeuvred Isaiah into this position. Isaiah was confronted with a heavenly question? Whom shall I send, who will go for Us?”  God did not just say to Isaiah, I want you to be my prophet. He just let him hear His need?

Most times, God is looking for a volunteer for His purpose, but don’t think He does not understand who you are and what He has endowed you with. He simply wants the ‘penny to drop’, that you are the man or woman for the purpose. I think this has something to do with God’s desire that man would be responsible and would volunteer for His ways and purposes.

Isaiah’s response to God’s question is quite revealing. He said “Here am I! Send me.” Here am I? That means, he recognised he was actually made to fulfil this purpose, but perhaps was reluctant. He stepped us and released himself into the hands of God.

What has God called you to do? What are you hiding from? What burden is in your heart that you are hoping someone else will come and solve? What are you staring at that has been disturbing you, yet you are reluctant to act upon? How do you know that this is not a divine assignment? Step up to the plate and then you would most likely hear God’s call come through loud and clear. Many are called, but few are chosen, the bible says; but I have discovered to be the chosen of God, you must be willing to volunteer for those God appointed dilemmas and conundrums. Who knows what greatness awaits you as you volunteer?

Here am I Lord, Please send me!

Let’s pray: Thank you Father, for your love and grace. Thank you for giving me sensitivity and a heart to sense your burdens. Lord please give me the strength to recognise those things you have left for me to do for your Kingdom and help me to overcome my fears and volunteer for those roles. Lord, I pray today, Here I am, please send me. In Jesus name I pray. Amen. 

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