No rock will take my place

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Key Passage: Luke 21: 28-40


Key text: Matthew 21:40 – “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.”



 I love the ecstatic shouts and noises that follow a goal being scored by my favourite team. Nothing beats a live performance. If you have never seen a live performance on stage, I recommend it. There is something about the ambience, the energy in the air and the sheer anticipation, that you are viewing history right there.

The entry of Jesus into Jerusalem was God orchestrating a live event that would be remembered all through time. God was behind the entire proceeding and somehow, it would not have been complete if the crowds did not show up to welcome the King into his city. The King of kings was entering into His city and there would be no welcome party? Unthinkable. So God made sure that there were enough people in Jerusalem that day to give the King a befitting welcome.

The loud praise, proclamation and adulation from the people really made the scribes and the Pharisees very angry and they asked Jesus to shut them up. Jesus answer was something like, ‘Interesting, even if they don’t praise me and honour me, even the stones here will shout out and start praising me.’

The issue here is that we must recognise that whilst we must always praise God, there are times when we cannot afford to hold back praise at all, because God will raise others who would praise Him instead of us at that moment. If God can’t find other humans, then something else will take our place in praising Him, even lifeless stones and rocks will start crying out and worshipping him. Much like the star footballer scoring a goal and there is no ecstatic, euphoric response from a crowd, or one that comes when the moment has passed.  Some things cannot wait. ( I actually believe that creation wakes up to the praises of God, the birds, trees, plants etc. every living thing praise the Lord.)

God must be praised, whether things are going well or not, but there are moments, when we MUST praise Him. Where we cannot wait to do it later. Such was this moment in history. The King was entering His city. He just had to be praised.

What has He just done around you? Gave you a job? Praise Him now! Just gave you a child! Praise Him now! Just healed you? Praise Him! Just rescued you? Praise Him now! Has He just saved someone around you? Praise Him now! Has He blessed you with a spouse? Praise Him now!

Don’t let a rock or stone sing to our Lord, when you can. No rock should sing in your place. I would not allow the rock to take my place in shouting, singing and praising the Lord.

Somebody shout hallelujah and sing a new song unto Him who alone is worthy of all praise.


Let’s Pray: Father God let me never pass up an opportunity to praise and worship you. Let me praise you when it is right and when it is appropriate. Let me praise you at all times, but let me never miss the moments that you demand and call for praise. Those moments that heaven is waiting to hear praise on the earth. Let me be ready and present and able at those times. In Jesus name. Amen.


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