Finding Your way in Life!

Morning Dew


Key Passage: Psalm 32: 8-11


Key Text: Psalm 32:8 “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.”


If we all had a clear understanding of our purpose and direction in life, there would be very little room for petty rivalry and jealousy. Even more importantly, there will be many happy fulfilled people on earth. I have discovered that when a person is in their purpose, they are content and they are happy. They also have an air of invincibility about them, because they are focussed and cannot be stopped. The God, who created all of us, has a purpose in mind for creating us. This is really the crux of the matter. Most of us are unfulfilled because we are not in God’s purpose for our lives. We are still searching, or perhaps in plain disobedience to the Lord.

Today’s passage is a promise by God, that He would instruct us and teach us in the way we should go. There is something very profound about this choice of words. Instruct has to do with expert guidance. If you are learning to drive, you need a good instructor. He tells you what each of the dials on the panel of the car is for, he also tells you how to use them. Instruction is orderly and step by step. God promises to instruct us. Then He also said He would teach us. The Hebrew word here is Yara, which means to flow or point. God says he would point out to us our direction in life. Its quite comforting to know, that if one is lost, God can point pout the way and direction for ones life. If you’ve ever been lost in a foreign country, then you would appreciate the joy of having someone who can just tell you in which direction you should be heading to get to your destination. So God not only commits to telling us the details of our purpose, but also to yara or point us in the direction.

God also added one more dimension to this promise, that He would guide us with His eye. God sees. He sees much farther and clearer than we can ever see. He knows what is round the corner, and He knows what is way ahead of us. If you have a Satellite Navigation System in your car, then you may understand this concept a bit better. There are times when you plot in your coordinates into the SatNav and it calculates your journey, then it tells you there are disruptions along the way and it maps out another route for you to get you to your desired destination in time. The SatNav has eyes. It sees from space the journey ahead and can advice on a better route to take if there are problems ahead. So it is with our God. He sees from heaven much clearer than any human created SatNav system and promises to guide us with his eye. This is powerful.

So why are we not walking in God’s purpose? There are many reasons, but I would only look at one today. Could it be that we have never asked Him. I mean diligently seek His face to tell us what He has planned for us. In Jeremiah 33:3, God said ‘call to me, and I will answer you and show you great and unsearchable things you knew nothing about. The word call here is the word qara, which means to cry out and invite. Have you desperately cried out to God for His plans and direction? I guarantee according to His promises that He would answer and He would show.


Let’s Pray: Heavenly Father, as the writer of the Psalms cried our to you, that I am a stranger in this earth, do not hide your commandments from me. I confess that I am a stranger on earth and I need you to teach me and instruct me in the way that I should go and guide me with your eye. Father, Please show me the direction of my life and let me walk in it in Jesus name I pray. Amen.


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