Rediscovering The Priority of Worship

Morning Dew


Key Passage: Psalm 95


Key Text – Psalm 95:6 – “Oh come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker!”


Have you ever caught yourself majoring on the minor and completely relegating what is paramount to the background. Sometimes we forget the reason why we are involved in an activity and simply focus on the peripherals. I once had to minister to a couple, who had become tired of their relationship and were actually on the verge of breaking up. That day as I listened to them I understood that the issues they both were complaining about so vehemently were side issues or what we can call trivialities and they really had forgotten what the real purpose of their marriage was about. God gave me the wisdom to share with them the truth about their marriage and remind them of the real reason why they came together and fell in love. By the end of the two week session, they had rediscovered the love they had and the purpose of their marriage and life together.

Recently, God has been leading us to rediscover the joys and pleasures of worshipping Him. We have been created to worship God and God alone. Today’s passage is a call to worship. It gives us the reason we are to worship God. It also indicates that obeying God flows from a heart of worship. We worship God, because He is worthy of our worship. We worship God because He is our maker, our creator and he owns us. We worship God because He is our life, mainstay and rock. We worship God because we are His sheep.

The singular most important function of man is to worship God. Man was not designed to be worshipped, but man was designed to worship God and God alone. So whenever you see men worshipping other men or other created beings or things, it always results in confusion and chaos and man is derailed. Man is designed to flourish as we worship God, much like plants flourish when their leaves are turned towards the sun. We are not designed to recieve worship, but we are designed to give worship. But give it to God alone! We always wonder what we can give to God. Worship is the best thing we can give to God. True worship of God is pure and undefiled. In its purest form, it is totally about God. It is not about us. But it ends up fulfilling us like nothing else can or will ever. If anyone asks you what is your purpose in life, consider this answer. I was made to worship God.

When we worship God, we receive guidance from Him; we are blessed; we are filled with His joy; and we get chains broken off our lives. These are but some of the fringe benefits of worshipping God, but not why we worship Him. The truth is it is what we were designed to do. If you want your life to function fully, put the priority on worship and make it the major reason for your life. Make the worship of God your topmost priority and watch God make everything in your life harmonise for your good.

When Paul and Silas were locked up in the Philippian jail, they did not complain or grumble. They simply started to worship. They didn’t even pray. The just started singing psalms and hymns and making melody to God. God heard in heaven and sent an earthquake into that jail to free them and all the prisoners bound up with them. Such is the power of worship. If you ever had to choose between prayer and worship, please choose worship.

Come let us worship and bow down. Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker. For He is our Rock and we are the sheep of His pasture.

Let’s pray: Father God, we thank you for creating us as worshipping beings. We are grateful for calling us back to worship. Please help us all to rediscover the joys, pleasure and power of worship in our lives. Father gives us the grace to truly worship you without restraint. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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