Get in the Flow of God’s River

Morning Dew


Key Passage: Psalm 46


Key Word: Psalm 46: 4 – There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God



I learnt how to swim in a river. It was not a nice clean river, but a murky, hyacinth filled river somewhere in the western part of Nigeria, West Africa. It was a matter of survival. My fellow students who could swim just told me what I needed to do and I was pushed in at the deep end. After a few gulps and some frantic fruitless thrashing around, I quickly realised I needed to follow the instructions and get moving or else. Having acquired the basic ability to swim, I soon started to learn other tricks like swimming on my back, going under and fetching stones from the riverbed. But perhaps the greatest lesson I learnt in those days was the difficulty one experienced trying to swim up stream or against the tide. It is very hard and the more you try to go forward, the more you find yourself going backwards, because of the current of the river. Conversely, if you swim along the current of the river, it is the most enjoyable experience ever. You move at great speed and you really never get tired. It is a most exhilarating experience.

Today, our key passage talks of a river whose streams make glad the city of God. God did not design the Christian to live the Christian life in his own strength and power. God knows that in this world, we are swimming upstream, but if we get into the river of God, we would find our journey exciting, exhilarating and easy. We must remember that we have a Comforter. A Helper. Sent from God the Father to help us through life. He is that River. He is moving and no one or nothing can stop Him. All we need to do is jump in and allow Him to take us where He is going.

Unfortunately many of us are oblivious of this River and we just walk contrary to God’s plan and purposes. We are trying to live our lives without consulting the giver of life. We are running, but we are running in the opposite direction to God’s direction. In these situations, we struggle. We get weary. We get tired. We feel frustrated and sometimes we are left totally exhausted. This is not how God planned it.

Dear child of God, please understand that life can be fun. Life can be easy. Life can be full of joy and laughter. Life can be invigorating and exhilarating. All you need is stop running against God’s will for your life. Just submit and jump into His River and get into the flow of the River. Yes, go with God’s River flow and life will become a delight. God has always wanted life to be delightful for man, that’s why he placed man in Eden. A delightful place.

Get into the flow of God’s river and enjoy life!

Let’s pray: Father thank you for the River of Life. Thank you for the Holy Spirit and thanks you for your provision for life. Today I ask you to reveal to me what you want me to do and give me the courage to jump into the flow of your River, in Jesus Name. Amen

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