Have you got The Light – Part 2

Morning Dew

Key Passage: Matthew 13:10-13-6

Key Text: Matthew 13:13 “because seeing they do not see.”

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Continuing on from yesterday’s blog, I want to tackle some forms of blindness. The first one is Physical blindness. This has to do with some defect to the eyes, which invariably affects the transmission of light as God intended. Many people with this challenge can cope with aids and live perfectly normal lives. But Jesus healed the blind and still heals the blind today and I encourage everyone to seek His touch in this area. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is still doing miracles.

The second type of blindness is my main concern today. This is sort of physical but really not so physical. This condition is best described by you looking at something and not seeing it. Jesus said “seeing they do not see”. So in effect you can see, but you don’t see. There is a disconnection between what your eyes see and what your brain registers.

You may recognise this in your situation sometimes. You are looking for the car keys and your spouse tells you it is on the mantle piece. You go there, look as best as you can and can’t find the keys on the mantle piece. So you tell your spouse ‘its not there’ almost with some irritation. Then they come and point out to you the keys right on the mantelpiece and you never saw it. Of course they look at you and wander what’s wrong with your sight.

Many people are starring at opportunities, breakthroughs, releases and blessings, but cannot apprehend them because they cannot see them. I mean really see them. They are staring right at something and can’t somehow connect the dots. This is a type of blindness and a most insidious one, because most people who have this affliction are completely oblivious of it. They would mostly never think they are blind and would mostly violently oppose anyone who tries to tell them they are blind. To be delivered of this, one needs a degree of humility and grace.

In 2 kings 4, the bible recounts the story of a widow who was in trouble with the creditors. She was going to lose her two sons into slavery for the debt her husband left behind. On crying to Elisha the prophet of God, the prophet asked her a simple question, “Tell me, what do you have in your house?” The woman’s answer was so quite revealing and symptomatic. She said I have nothing, except a jar of oil. In effect she was telling Elisha, that the jar of oil was useless and could not help her predicament.
How many of us are guilty of looking at things and despising them. Thinking nothing good can be done with them but to discard them. In this story, Elisha told the woman her miracle was in the little jar of oil she had. She was to go and borrow as many jars as she could find and fill them all from that one jar and then sell off the excess and pay her debt.

There might be something around you, in your house, in your family, in your children, at your work place, in your business, with your friends etc that just does not appear like much, but The Light of the world, Jesus of Nazareth can open your eyes to see the potential and value in that thing and touch that thing and give you the wisdom to maximise this potential for your good. He can shine His light on that thing and you will see it!

Lord open our eyes to see. Really see!

Let’s Pray: Father I confess that I may be surrounded by great opportunities and not be seeing them. I ask you Lord Jesus, the Light of the world to please open my eyes to see. Help me to see what you see and take advantage of every opportunity you bring my way. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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