Bounce Back Up

I have just written a book and I am so excited about it.

‘Bounce Back Up’

Turning life’s lemons into lemonade.

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The reality of life. Life throws you lemons, but can you make your lemons into lemonade and drink it?


THIS book will encourage people to fail forward and know how to handle life’s setbacks. It sets out a systematic way of recovery from disaster, using the biblical story of David’s experience at Ziklag as a template. It also employs life cases, statistics and wisdom sayings. The ‘saying’ at the beginning of every chapter acts as a summary of the entire chapter. Easy to read and very light hearted, the book’s objective is to help people recover. Be healed, be encouraged and strengthened to go on. A merry heart does good like medicine!! Bounce Back Up is written for all people, but most especially believers who need that shot in the arm, and for business or corporate executives who are really never prepared for failure, but would most certainly fail and would find out that it is not only lonely at the top, it is bitterly cold and bewildering when you fail.


“You are not a failure until you decide not to try again.”

“It is not over, till it is over.” Yogi Berra

Pastor Charles Abraham

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