The Perfect Gift!


Key Passage: Esther 2:12-18 (Please read)

 Key Text: Esther 2:15 (NKJV) “she requested nothing but what Hegai the king’s eunuch, the custodian of the women, advised.”



My birthday is not till early next year, but birthdays are always a great time to receive presents. I have to add Christmas too. I love presents, I am sure you too love them. But when you receive some presents you are so underwhelmed and you really have to console yourself with ‘it’s the thought that counts’ and be appreciative of the thoughts and gesture of the person.

But then there is that one gift you receive that simply tells you, this person knows you well and has taken time to study and know what you like and don’t like. They have done their research either by consulting your close family members or extracting this information from you indirectly, they just get you that dream present. I don’t know about you, but when this happens, it makes me feel so loved, appreciated and special. It also makes me really respect the giver of such presents. It makes you appreciate their heart, their consideration, thoughtfulness and care. These are perfect gifts. I pray you get one next Christmas or when next your birthday comes up.

Today, our main text covers the story of how Esther was picked by the King to be the next bride in replacement for the disgraced Queen Vashti. Vashti who had refused to honour the King with her beauty and display her elegance before the guests of the King. She was dethroned and a search was conducted for a new Queen. Many beautiful virgins were in the contest, but Esther finally won. Reading through the story one could easily miss one of the vital reasons why Queen Esther won.

Queen Esther had found favour with the King’s eunuch, Hegai, and Hegai had secretly been giving Esther more portions for beautification. But that was probably not what clinched it for her.

Now, every young lady was given an opportunity to go before the King with a present, something she decided will be worthy of the King’s attention. They would then take whatever it was to the King, but when it came to Esther’s turn, she did not ask for anything, she simply asked Hegai what the King would like and whatever Hegai gave her, she took to the King. This simple but profound act says it all.

Most times we set out our journey to serve God assuming we know what He requires of us. We spend our prayer times discussing our issues and asking for His intervention. Nothing wrong with these, but have you considered that there is something specific He may want from you? Have you tried asking the Lord how you can serve Him better? Have you considered asking Him how you can bring gladness to His heart?

Queen Esther’s story opens up to us another realm. A realm of asking, not for what you want but what He wants. Hegai knew the King well. He had always been with Him and that is why he had the honour of preparing the virgins.

We also have a Hegai in our lives who knows our Lord very well. We have the Holy Spirit. He knows Jesus so well and He can direct your heart to love what He loves and do what He wants. He can help us to present the most appropriate gift to the Lord. The prefect gift.

Why don’t you stop today and ask the Lord what He wants. What He would like. What will make His heart glad? Ask and see what comes back. You may discover that you will be lifted into prominence, just like Esther and become so much closer to our Lord and King Jesus.


Let us Pray: Dear Jesus, today, I just want to talk to You about You? I have many needs and desires, but today I set them aside to ask You, what would You like? How can I love you more? How can I serve you better? What would you like most from me? I am waiting for Your answer. Thank you.

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    1. Thanks Dee.Some of the most profound things in life a dead simple. I knew you would like this one, because you are an Esther too.

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