God Remebered Noah

Genesis 8:1 – Then God Remembered Noah

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This statement can easily be misinterpreted that God somehow forgot Noah and then later on remembered him. God never forgets anyone, and God is always aware and in tune with every minute detail of every one of His creatures and creation. But this statement means something deeper than just human remembering. It meant that the appointed time or Kairos had come for God to fulfil and bring to pass what He had planned regarding a person or an event. In Acts 10, we read the story of Cornelius and God sent an angel to his house to inform him that his alms and prayers have come up as a memorial before God. This means that his sowing had reached harvest point and the reward was now due.  In Genesis 30:22, we read that God remembered Rachael, He listened to her and opened her womb. It was a question of God’s appointed time, when our activities come in perfect alignment with God’s intention, then there is a release and it is termed ‘remembered’.

Same thing happened in 1 Samuel 1:19, that God remembered Hannah, and the consequence was that her bareness was removed, and she conceived and had a son, Samuel. Also, in Genesis 21:1, we see that God visited Sarah, it is the same concept of remember. Sarah then was able to conceive, and she bore Isaac. Elizabeth the wife of Zechariah was also barren, and God remembered her. Interestingly, her husband’s name Zechariah means “Remembered of God or Jehovah has remembered”.

God remembered Joseph in prison and brought him out and made him the second highest ruler in Egypt. God remembered Hezekiah and healed him and delivered him from an early death.

The word remember in Hebrew is the word Zakar, which conveys the impression of recognising someone, marking the person and hastening the plan for that person or thing. It also means to be brought forward or presented promptly.

This year we are believing God for His performance in our lives. So, may the Lord remember us. May the Lord remember you and perform in your life what He has always intended and what only He can do for you. Like Nehemiah, we pray, Lord remember us for good.

God will remember us and visit us and perform in our lives what no man can do for us in Jesus name.

Declare with your mouth today that God remembered you!


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