Joseph a Steward of God – 2

1 Corinthians 4:2 Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful.”



A steward is a trusted associate. One who can be depended upon to perform assigned tasks when commissioned. Imagine going into a fine dining restaurant with some eminent guests you have invited. Then the liveried waiter comes up welcomes you and sits you at your choice table, makes sure everyone is comfortable. Smiles, pleasantries and even some jokes and banter.

You immediately begin to think, I have selected the right place. He produces the menu, serves you some aperitif and gives you time to select your meals from the a’la carte menu. He comes back and takes your orders very meticulously, even double checks to ensure it’s all perfect. He disappears to get the meals and allows you to enjoy your company.

Then a few minutes later he arrives with the starters and it is all wrong. It’s not what was ordered. He completely messed up the order, he apologises profusely and goes back to amend the order. Comes back and serves the correct meals, then comes the mains and again it is all wrong. Mixed up and totally wrong in some cases. You by now have started regretting your choice of restaurant simply because you have a well behaved, courteous, but most incompetent steward. The steward is important.

Joseph the husband of Mary was not just a nice man, he was an effective steward. He stewarded Mary’s pregnancy, protected her, cared for her, took her from Nazareth to Bethlehem and got her there just in time to have the Baby. He looked for a place where they could stay, and when there was no room in the Inn, he made do with a manger. Mary delivered JESUS safely, thanks in part to Joseph’s faithfulness.

Then he had to raise Jesus to be the man CHRIST. He had to train him in the Torah, the ways of God, the skill of the carpenter’s trade. He did a fantastic job. He was faithful in stewarding baby Jesus till he became a man and could answer and fulfill his call as our Saviour and Redeemer. Scriptures testify of Jesus maturity.

One must never ignore what manner of man, Joseph was. He was so dependable that God entrusted His Son into his steady hands.
It is said in the bible that ‘Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful.’
Another way of saying this is that stewards must be dependable. Trustworthy. Effective. Competent. Loyal.

One last point, as I reflected on Joseph, I discovered that all the Josephs in the bible were faithful stewards. Joseph the son of Jacob, faithful steward in Egypt, Joseph of Arithmathea, faithful steward of the body of Jesus Christ, Joseph also known as Barnabas, faithful steward of Paul’s calling and the revival in Antioch. Perhaps there is something about Josephs and stewardship.
I’m not sure if this is simply a coincidence or God is trying say something to us. Whatever it is, Joseph was a faithful steward.

Let’s Pray: Father thank you for highlighting Joseph to us. help us to grow in our stewardship and become more dependable and effective stewards to You and those you assign us care over, in Jesus name. Amen.

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  1. Joseph possessed the nature of a husbandman; a nurturer, a patient grower and a man of honour. Every woman should desire these qualities in a spouse and every man should aspire to these qualities. Thank you Pastor.

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