Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

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Key Passage: Psalm 122


Key Word: Psalm 122:6 –Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, May they prosper who love you.”


Wisdom is the application of knowledge and those who are blessed with it always bear the fruits of wisdom. If you have wisdom, it actually shows in your life by the way you conduct yourself and what you do with your life. The bible says, wisdom is known by its children. As you know one of my personal favourite things to do is travelling. I love visiting other countries and meeting people from other countries. But my number one city in the world is Jerusalem and my number one country in this whole world is Israel. I had read a lot about the Jews and their land, Eretz Israel, long before I finally went there in 1999. I have returned there almost every year since then.

I love the land, the sheer ruggedness of it. I love the food. Absolutely yummy. very fresh and clean. The fruits are so sweet; you feel they are dipped in honey. The meat, so tender and the chicken, really does not taste like chicken from other places. You get the sense that you are eating real chicken.  I recommend the St Peter’s fish at the Galilee, any day, and if you have time, take the boat trip to the other side of the Galilee. I love visiting the sites. I love the people and their sheer determination to succeed and exist. I like hearing the stories of their military exploits. The divine interventions in the defence of Israel. Amazing people. God’s people.

I love Jerusalem. The city of Gold. The city of God. I like the stones. The whitish limestone’s you see everywhere. I like the old city, the Temple Mount, the Wailing Wall, the garden of Gethsemane, the Mount of Olives. The tower of David, Mount Zion, etc. I love visiting the Knesset. Jerusalem took my breath away. I actually cried a lot the first time I went to Israel and I prayed that God would give me a home in Jerusalem one day. Jerusalem is the City of the Great King!

But the best part of Israel for me is what it does to my knowledge of the bible. It opens my mind up in ways that no other bible teacher can do it for me. As I travel through the land, I see promises fulfilled and I find myself literarily walking through the bible.  This is the bible in 3D.

The Jews have knowledge of the word of God, which really is not found anywhere else in this world. I love God’s word and when I am in Israel, I am in a continuous feast of God’s word. Now I know, why the Lord called people to come each year for the feasts. I feed so voraciously on God’s word, that I am filled for at least another year.

There are many things Western trained people and we Westerners really can never grasp, outside the exposure to Israel and the teachings of some of the Messianic Jewish Rabbis we have met. They break the word of God down so clearly that you are left with no ambiguity as to the truth.  The bible is the culture of Israel. It is their language at least half of it. It is their customs. So when we interpret the bible we are looking at it through stained glasses. We see rather dimly, but to a Jewish person, they see so clearly.  Try going to Israel at least once in your lifetime as a believer in Christ and I guarantee, you will never be the same again.

God gave us a promise in the bible and I really want to encourage you tap into it. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, May they prosper who love you.

God has set Israel in the earth to be a blessing to the whole world and those who are wise, will befriend Israel and pray to God for the prosperity of Israel. God will also prosper you as you bless Israel. This is simple wisdom.

I would write more on Israel in the coming days, but just start today with a short prayer.


Let’s Pray: Father God, I bless Your name and thank you for blessing us with the nation of Israel. Father I pray for the Safety, Sanctity and Salvation of Israel. I pray that you would preserve Jerusalem and Israel and bless the people of the land. Father, I ask you to make a way for me to visit Israel and see this wonderful land. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen


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  1. Thanks Ps Charles for this inspiring truth will liberate many to make a stand for Israel. I am truly glad for being a part of Israel for the last 13 years. May God’s strength sustain us now and forevermore. Shalom Jerusalem. Peace be with you.

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