I started doing this blog purely as a way of documenting my private devotions with the Lord every day. I then thought I might as well start sharing them with my family and friends. The concept of the early morning dew, just caught my attention, when I connected the mysterious way dew forms on plants and the way God works , with the way manna fell in the old testament and the way the Holy Spirit each day can keep us fed with the word of God.

I also began to see that early in the morning, was a great time to be in God’s presence, especially before sunrise. There are very few distractions, the atmosphere is still and quiet and personally I am at my sharpest early in the morning.

This precious time in His presence is the point that the supernatural strength and wisdom of God is released into my heart. Just like the dew, it comes and no one really knows how.

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  1. So Pastor Charles, I liked your words here because I found the same thing about the morning. More interesting to me is your reference to Alistair Taylor. He was my youth leader back in 1991. Where is he now? Do you have his face book contact? Antony Hylton IBIOL 1991- 1992.

    1. Dear Anthony Hylton, apologies for not responding earlier. Alistair is well but I have not spoken to him in a while. I will try and find out and get back to you. Warmest regardfs,


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