By My God I can Leap over a Wall

Morning Dew


Key Passage – Psalm 18


Key Word – Psalm 18:29 –  “For by you I can run against a troop, and by my God I can leap over a wall.”


Walls are erected to protect valuable things. The higher and bigger the walls, the more valuable the things behind the walls are. Walls are meant to prevent illegal entry into territories, Cities have walls, communities have walls and so do our homes. They are mostly deterrents. But walls have also been erected to keep people out of the best they could get. There are walls of qualifications and education, walls of race, walls of finances. These are all formidable walls that have the power to keep a person out of the best God has planned for them. The tragedy of life is that most people back off once they see a wall. They are discouraged by the size of the wall and they assume they cannot break through or scale these walls. So a lot of people have been kept just outside the very best by seemingly impregnable walls.

I once was asked by the Lord to go to certain country for a prayer assignment. It meant I had to go to capital city to the Government building and I had no real connections to take me in. So when I got there, it was like a fortress and I thought how would I ever get in there to carry out this prayer assignment? I went to the security officers and asked for permission, but they just laughed and said only people with appointments who had been pre-cleared could get in. So I went back to the Lord how I was to get in. The Lord reminded me of the story of Rahab and the spies from Israel. He told me to tell the man at the gate the story and let him know I have a prayer assignment to fulfil. So I obeyed and told the man the story of Rahab and how she was blessed for helping the spies. The man began to weep and sob as though the story meant something to him personally. He then tod me this could cost him his job, but he would do this for us. He took me us into the heart of the building and we were able to by pass all the security details and posts and we were able to pray for as long as we wanted. God is awesome!

Today’s scripture tells us “By my God I can scale a wall”. There is no wall too high for the Lord to take you over our break you through.

Look at Joshua by the walls of Jericho. It was secure and tightly shut up. It was a formidable wall by any standards. Joshua had no natural way of scaling this wall, so he looked up. When He looked up he saw the Commander of The Army of The Lord. He saw the Captain of the Hosts. When there is no way in or out, there is always a way up. God gave him a simple strategy that did not make human common sense, but through this seemingly ‘foolish’ strategy God brought down the entire wall for Joshua.

What is your wall of opposition today? What is keeping you out of God’s best for your life? God is bigger than your wall and there has never been any all constructed or devised that can keep Him out. He is the Lord of breakthroughs and He is the Master of all. He will help you over your wall. Just look to Him. Don’t allow the size of your wall to limit your faith. Look at the size of your God and know he is more than able to crush your wall.


Let’s Pray: Father God I thank-you for your faithfulness. I thank you that there is no wall of opposition that you cannot break through or shatter. I confess that by my God I can leap over a wall. Every wall of opposition in my life is scalable and crushable. So I boldly take a step of faith towards the wall, believing that you would give me the victory, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.



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  1. This is very revealing and soul lifting. I key into this prophetic utterance and believeing God for testimonies. God bless you Pastor

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