2014 – The Year of Open Doors

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Key Passage: Revelations 3:7-13


Key Word: Revelations 3:8 – “Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut.”



The bible is clear that God controls the times and the seasons. No matter what we think as humans, God still orders the times and seasons and as such it is wise to always try and hear what His plans are for the times and season we live in. I know many prophetic words have been given about 2014, and we pray that God will truly bless this year. But I need to first thank God for 2013. It was a challenging year on many fronts, but when God told me that it was going to be a year of double grace, I did not fully understand it. On hindsight, I needed the double grace of God to stay on track and survive that year. God really sustained me in 2013.

Coming to 2014, what we are hearing is that this year is the year of ‘Open Doors’. As the main scripture shows, God has set before us an open door, which no man can shut! This year will be a year to venture out and do things that hitherto have eluded us. It is a year to be adventurous and step out of our comfort zones and attempt great things. It’s also a year when God will release insights and intelligence, so we are ahead of the game. He will empower us to have the utterances that will move the heart of kings. He will clothe us with great favour and elevate us as we dare to believe Him.

It is also a year to be very sensitive to the leadings and promptings of the Holy Spirit, so we can take advantage of the openings He shows us. It is a year to move with reverence for God and banish all fear of man. Human wisdom cannot access these open doors. We need the mind of Christ.

Let me give you a scenario that best exemplifies what the open door is like. As Israel came out of Egypt, they came to the Red Sea and there was no way forward in the natural. All the armies of Pharaoh were hot on their heels. Moses enquired of the Lord and he was given the instruction to move forward. No one could have imagined what happened next. As Moses obeyed and stretched his rod across the sea, the sea parted and showed a highway right under the sea. As you may know Israel crossed over on dry ground and the army of Pharaoh attempting to follow this path, were covered up by the sea and they drowned. This is the mystery of the open door. It is like an automatic door that is shut and only opens to let you in when you approach it. So faith is essential in accessing the open door.

Whatever your plan for this year, remember God is for you and He has gone ahead of you and will make a way for you. Do not fear; only believe.

Say aloud with me “2014 is my year of open doors in Jesus name”. Amen.

Let’s Pray: Father God, I want to thank you for 2013. For showing your faithfulness and strength, in sustaining me. Thank you for the doors you have opened and set before me in 2014. Give me eyes to see and ears to hear, so I can take advantage of the open doors you show me. I am excited at the possibilities You have released for me this year. I expect great things in Jesus name. Amen.


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  1. This is very encouraging and apt for me. I have things laid on my heart and a strong prompting to follow my convictions. I have known doors to open in the past and I definitely believe this for this year in particular. Thank you for your faithfulness in Sharing what God has laid on your heart. God bless you and your family. Janet D

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