What did you just say?

Morning Dew


Key Passage: Mark 7:24-30


Key Text: Mark 7: 28 – “Yes, Lord; yet even the dogs under the table eat the children’s crumbs”


Everyday we are confronted with challenging situations. Sometimes they can be offensive and irritating, and how we speak in those situations, invariably determines how things will turn out. Speaking to people in authority requires skill and tact and quite honestly, one needs grace in such situations. If I can say, most times in dealing with people in authority, one needs not just grace but a dose of humility, to get past the offenses and get the request stated plainly and met.

Today’s story, (please read it) is about a gentile woman, whose daughter was demon possessed and she came to Jesus for help. Jesus threw her a conundrum that would have got lesser people really angry. Jesus said, using a figure of speech that it was not right to take the children’s bread and give it to dogs. Was Jesus abusing her? No. Was she a dog? No. But gentiles were classified as outside the covenant blessings of God in those days. She was not allowed to partake of Abraham’s blessings. But this woman had graceful lips. She knew how to answer.

Her answer is quite profound. She said, You are right Lord, but the dogs are permitted to eat of the crumbs that fall off the table. She got through to the point. I am not asking for the main things you are giving, just the little scraps will sort my problem out. This woman was wise and her heart was in the right place. She had grace.

Jesus was so impressed with her words, that He remarked “For this statement you may go your way; the demon has left your daughter.” WOW!!!

Sometimes we just need this gift of grace that would give us that turn of phrase that would move things in our favour. I think this is just another manifestation of graceful lips.


Let us pray: Father God, please help me to realise that what I say is very important. Let me have grace filled lips, so I know how to speak to those in authority and influential positions. Give me wisdom and grace that would turn things in my favour. In Jesus name I pray.

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