Let us Pray

Morning Dew



Key Text: Matthew 21:22 – And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.


For the last one month, by God’s grace, I have written about the grace of God and the manifold manifestations of His marvellous grace. Today, I am prompted to simply, PRAY!

Dear Heavenly Father, You are so amazing. You are so wonderful. You are so good. You are so wise. Today I want to thank you for the wisdom of your grace. Father, I can see that you really thought about the perfect way to save men and you established it all by your self. You sent Your Son to the world and having lived for 33 years, He died on the cross for the sins of all men, and then after three days, He rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. Since then, You simply threw open your arms and with it the gates of heaven to all men. You called this whole process “grace”. Father, without your grace we would still be in our sins. Without your grace, we would be condemned. Without your grace, we would never make it to heaven. I thank you that you have not left us to our devices, but as a loving Father, you solved the problems of humanity and packaged it in a simple word called Grace.

Thank you My Daddy in heaven for you wonderful, indescribable, magnificent, extraordinary, all abounding, all sufficient, all-powerful, all encompassing, ostentatious, expensive, expansive, lavish, perfect grace. I ask you to please help me to be permanently baptised in the ocean of your grace. Let me be smitten by grace and may I never recover. Let me be so full of grace, that I become a dispenser of grace. Let me never think that I deserve anything from you, but let me always remember, that through your grace, I can ask you for anything. Let me be a sign of your grace. Let your grace be visible in my life.

I love you Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I love you so dearly and I am so grateful for your grace. Father, I affirm that I am what I am by your grace, and without your grace, I am nobody. I am unable to hold it together without your grace, so Father, please never withdraw your grace from me. Please Father, keep me till the very end by your grace. On that day as I enter those pearly gates and see the magnificence of our eternal home, let me hear clearly in my ears, GRACE! GRACE! Through Grace you made it!  In Jesus name. Amen.

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