Breaking Limitations

Morning Dew


Key Passage: Matthew 11:12


Key Text: Matthew 11:12 – and the violent take it by force.”


The world needs a few more daydreamers. That sounds kind of absurd, but please let me land. I am convinced that those who dream at night when they sleep are not those that change the world, but those with eyes wide open, dream dreams beyond the realms of man’s limited senses. These people are the real world changers. Recently I began to explore the concept of faith again and began to see some truths that have revolutionised my perceptions.

Most of us live in this world surrounded by limitations and impossibilities. Nothing wrong with this, if you chose to remain in blissful ignorance. But once you discover that there is a realm, where your limitations are removed, then you are totally messed up for this reality that causes limitation. I know that the law of gravity operates on the earth, but if you ever break into space and experience zero gravity, your perception of reality is altered for life. Just ask the astronauts who have been to space.

Those of us who walk with God on this planet called earth are not called to live by the limitations this realm imposes on us. We are called to live by the realities of another realm. The realms of God. The Kingdom of God. This Kingdom is invisible, yet more real than what we presently experience called earth. Secondly, this realm is eternal. Ours is temporal or temporary. Thirdly God’s realm is perfect, ours is not.

In our reading today, we see that Jesus made a very astounding statement, that John the Baptist is the greatest of all men born of women, but the least person in the Kingdom of God is greater than he. Please let this soak in. Why did Jesus say something so powerful of a believer? Well, Jesus knows what we have access to and what John had access to. Its all about access. John, though a messenger of God and the forerunner of Jesus Christ, did not have free access to heaven and to the age to come, yet a believer has unrestricted access to the heavenly realm.

So the next verse spells it out. “From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force.” What Jesus was saying here, is that God’s realm has been yielding its treasures to some people and he called them the violent. He said this ‘violent’ people are taking it by  force. Really by force. Yes by force. The force of faith. These violent people, take a look into the eternal realms of God, by prayer, study of the word of God and by prophetic release, then with the force of their faith, bring a piece of God’s eternity into the present reality. This is what we call a miracle. It is a piece of God’s eternity invading our reality. But it takes the violent force of faith to bring it in.

This is where limitations are broken. Where gravity and laws of nature are suspended. Where impossibilities become possible. Where heaven kisses the earth.

The violent are these daydreamers who have seen what is in eternity and are obsessed with reproducing that on earth. They are filled with the awesome revelation of God and would not allow anything in this temporal realm stop them from manifesting what they’ve seen. These are the world changers. You too can be one.

 Let’s Pray: Father God please give me the grace to always think of the possibilities available in the heavenly realm. Let me stretch my faith so I can lay hold of the miracles I need for expanding your Kingdom here on earth. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

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  1. Great reminder that with God nothing is impossible! Lord, open our eyes of understanding unto enlightenment. Thank you for this, Pastor Charles. God bless you!

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