Walking on Water!!

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Key Passage: Matthew 14:22-33


Key Text: Matthew 14:29 – He said, ‘Come’. So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus.


It has often been said that ‘the good is the enemy of the best.’ Pondering on this statement a bit could prove quite instructive. By nature we humans don’t like change and once we get comfortable, we resist strongly anything that tries to challenge our status quo. What often happens is we reach certain points in life and we decide its time to settle and consolidate. So change and risk we resist.

In our story today, we see Jesus demonstrating to His disciples another dimension of living. The supernatural life-style, they were designed to live. He asked them to go to the other side of the Sea of Galilee. They didn’t enquire from Him how to get there; they simply jumped in the boat and set sail. Jesus on the other hand went up the mountain to pray and at about 3:00am in the dead of night he began to walk towards them on the water, whilst they were battling to row against a storm. The first lesson here is that God has His ways of accomplishing His designated tasks and they may not be our conventional routes. Just think about Moses leading the children of Israel through the Red Sea.

As Jesus began to get near the disciples boat, they were afraid, thinking they had just seen a ghost. Jesus reassures them that it was Him and not a ghost. Peter then asked Jesus to ask him to come to Him on the water if He truly was the one. Jesus said, ‘ Come’.  The bible tells us Peter stepped out of the boat and began to walk towards Jesus on the water. Peter experienced the supernatural and I’m sure he was forever changed by this experience.

The most logical and safe place to be in a stormy sea is in the boat, but Jesus asked Peter to come out of the boat. Well quite honestly, it was a general word and all the other eleven disciples could have stepped out too on that word. Whenever we refuse to move in faith we deny ourselves the opportunity to experience the supernatural and we miss out on a life of adventure with the Lord.

If Peter did not venture outside the boat, he would never have experienced the miracle of walking on water. God wants us to all ‘walk on water’ as it were. But we have to first conquer our fear of the unknown and leave the familiar for the unfamiliar. I once heard a preacher say this “You never gonna know it until you step out of the boat”.

What is your comfortable boat that is keeping you away from experiencing the joys and thrills and excitement of walking on water? If you really want the best life God has planned for you; if you really want an exciting and adventurous life; if you really truly want to walk with God, then you must be ready to step out of your boat and walk with Him on water.  Trust His word and launch out on His promise. Who knows what He has designed for you outside the boat?


Let’s pray: Father God, thank you for the supernatural life You have ordained for me. Forgive me for allowing fear and comfort to rob me of the best life You have for me. Deliver me from the good, so I can get the best. Deliver me from fear and comfort and let me have a life full of adventure. I want to walk with You, so help me Lord. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


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