The Power of the seed – Part 1

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Key Passage: Genesis 8:22 –


Key Text: Gen 8:22 – While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.’


Learning additions, subtractions, divisions and multiplication was simple for some. Not moi! I found basic arithmetic a chore and befuddling, until later on in life when God touched my mind. So anything to do with multiplication, I kind of avoid and concentrate on the things I am comfortable with. Our minds have been conditioned by our education to see things in numbers and to calculate in these linear lines. Nothing wrong with this, but I think God thinks in quantum maths, if there is anything like that. His way of calculating and multiplying will totally flummox even the greatest mathematician. Whilst I don’t think anyone on earth understands how God multiplies, there are never the less some lessons to be learnt.

God is totally seed minded. He sees seeds as the incubator and powerhouse of everything He wants to do. God sees trees inside a seed. He sees forests inside a seed. He begins everything He does with a seed. Secondly God has conditioned the earth to function on this principle. Seedtime and Harvest. The earth has been engineered by God to cause seed to grow. So anyone who chooses to sow seeds on this earth is bound to reap a harvest at some point. (Good and bad seeds all produce a harvest).

Someone once told me that seeds can remain dormant and inactive for years, (this we all know), but he said the moment someone picks up the seed from its dormant position, the seed begins to vibrate at a very high frequency, in preparation for it to be sown in soil. Once it hits the ground the God factor in the seed begins to release the potential. It will die and it its death it will release a small root system called a Radicle and a small shoot system called a Coleoptile. This is the mystery. In these two systems rest the power to produce a tree, that has fruits and in the fruits are more seeds, that will be replanted and there you have your forest.

A seed is incredibly powerful. A tiny seed of say corn, will produce a corn plant that produces two or three corn cobs and the corn cobs each have over 500 seeds on each of them. Imagine if you replant just 1000 seeds, how many grains of corn you would get back, and consequently hom many corn plants you would have and the numbers get a bit dizzying. This is God’s multiplication formula. Its not arithmetic nor is it geometric simply Godmetric!

Jesus talked a lot about seed and the Kingdom of God. He taught that seeds planted in good ground will bring forth a harvest 30, 60 and a hundred fold. This is not 30 times or 60 or 100 times. These are figures of speech, telling us three basic things; 1. God had given every seed potential to reproduce. 2. Only God knows the full potential of every seed. 3. The harvest from every seed will come in dimensions out of human calculations.

Today, I want to leave you with a simple thought. ‘The tree is in the seed’. What seeds do you have in your hands? What trees are they? How much fruit will that tree bear? How many seeds are in each fruit? How many trees are there in the seeds of the fruits of the tree?

Jesus was the seed God sowed into the earth to reap the harvest of men. (More on this later on.)

Jesus also said the seed is the word of God. Let’s gain wisdom here. Whatever we want to see in this life is somewhere hidden in the seed of God’s word. Dig into the word and find the seed, sow that seed in your heart and it will take root downwards and give you stability, and grow upwards and outwards and give you the harvest you desire. There is power in the seed.

LET’S PRAY: Father God thank you for opening to me the mystery of the seed. I want to know more, but please help me today to identify the seed that is already in my hand that can bring me the harvest that I desire. Father, help me to sow the seed of your word into the soil of my heart, so I can reap a harvest in my life. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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