Let’s talk about Kings.

Morning Dew

Key Passage: Psalm 2

Key Text: Psalm 2:6 – “Yet I have set My King On My holy hill of Zion”

Let’s talk about Kings.

I like kings. I love everything to do with royalty. The pomp, pageantry, circumstance. I like the glory, the protocols, the courts, the palaces, the grandeur, and the splendour. I like kings. They mostly are men of honour and dignity. They also mostly exhibit a level of grace and respect for people that I find quite intriguing. Sometimes I find myself wishing for more kings in the earth. I love kings, perhaps because I was brought up in a palace and had some exposure to royalty. Perhaps, but maybe my love just stems from the simple fact that deep in every one is a royal streak and mine is just stirred when I come in touch with them. Not all kings are good or great and not all royalty is worthy of celebration, but this is not my focus today.

Kings are not like politicians. They do not have a short-term view of leadership or rulership. They are not in it for any personal gain or personal aggrandisement. They are not striving for some quick wins that would make them popular. They genuinely live for their people and for their realm. They want their people to be better. They care for their welfare and love to see their realms and nations prosper. I love kings.

Consider the Royal family in England. The Queen. The Princes. The old kings and queens. They all lived and live to see England prosper and flourish. They are there for the long haul. They are institutions of stability and welfare. They live for the people and for their realm. Consider the king of Dubai. The King of Saudi Arabia. The King of Jordan. The King of Monaco. The kings of Europe. They are all examples of this same special something they all possess.

In Nigeria, we have some kings and I personally have a few as friends. They are mostly good men, with large hearts and a deep sense of justice and love for their people and their realm. I have not met one who did not care deeply for his people and genuinely desire for their realms to be vastly improved.

But there is one quality that marks kings as great leaders and it is this unique thing that every godly king, every real genuine king will do without thinking twice. When their people or their realm is threatened, the king takes this on as a personal assignment and would gladly sacrifice his life for the sake of his people and his realm. Kings recognise that they exist for their people and their realms and so would put themselves on the line to save their people and their realms. Kings know that their lives are inextricably linked with the lives of their people and their realm. This is why kings go to war. This is why the princes in England were not happy when they were not out there on the front-lines defending their realms. I love kings. This is why the king of Jordan donned his military gear and went to war against terrorists, when a pilot from his nation was killed. Kings are special people.

But there is one King that eclipses all other kings. In Glory, in pomp, pageantry and circumstance. In wealth, authority and power. He is infinitely greater than the greatest kings. Wiser than the wisest monarch. He is supremely superior, yet at the same time the most humble King ever. There is one Royal of all royals. He is called the King of kings and Lord of all lords. He is totally committed to His people. He loves everyone of them so deeply and equally and with a perfect love. He ensures that every member of His realm is personally looked after. In actual fact all His subjects are princes and princesses in His kingdom. He personally assigns guards to all His subjects and ensures that they are well resourced. His is called the Great King.

This King lives in a foreign realm, but when one of his colonies was threatened, He left all the comforts of His great realm and travelled to this colony. He became a citizen of the colony and took on the enemy of the colony as a single individual. He fought the adversary and died for His subjects in the colony. He gave His life as a ransom for these subjects. He died that they may live. He defeated their enemy and paid with His life.

This is a King like no other. He is the King of the universe, The King of Glory, The King of Righteousness, The King of Love. He is the King of love. He loved us so much that He died for us. All kings need Him. All kings will serve Him. Do you know this King? Let me introduce you to my King. King Jesus. The King of Jerusalem. The King of Israel. The King of the Nations. The King of the Universe.

I love my KING! I love King Jesus.

Let’s Pray: Father God let my eyes behold the beauty of the Great King!

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